Water or oil based lubricants

Water or oil based lubricants

Enjoy juicy sensations with our water or oil-based lubricants, a sexuality that passion will never leave your life

Ourlubricants for anal sexandvaginal stimulationthey earn a 10 for the ease with which they achieve satisfying soaks that help when the natural fluid is not enough or simply to feel more and better.

These vials of magical liquid can be used for any sexual activity, alone or with your partner, with sex toys, masturbation and that oral romp that will start to turn you on.

Due to its elegant and discreet presentation, it will be your companion in your bag or suitcase. Look at all the options and choose thebest lubricantclick with you.

Let yourself be captivated by the touch of silkiness and achieve more pleasurable sex and auto-eroticism with these lubricants

Let nothing stop you from feeling richer!

Made to avoid uncomfortable friction and give you the smoothest experiences. They are all premium quality, made in the USA…

Thewater lubricantsThey are ideal for sensitive skin because they take care of your pH, they are natural, compatible with latex condoms and erotic toys. And although they absorb quickly, you can use as many drops as you like to increase comfort and tone up orgasms.

Triple your sexual well-being and elevate your pleasure to the sky

Whether you\'re thinking of alubricant frommasturbation o en vaginal lubricants, here you will find the one that complements very well that fantasy that you want to fulfill alone or with someone else.

Dare to experiment and enjoy its benefits of use:

  • Premium quality.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to rinse.
  • No smell or taste.
  • renderers.
  • With different smells and flavors.

We ship them throughout the US, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and ensure your confidentiality with sealed packages and no product identification.

At Del To Love we encourage you to unleash that dormant fire within you. The ideal lube to wake him up may be two clicks away!


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